Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Design a UK Plugging rod??

So, after a couple of years of selling Tenryu lure rods my very good friends at Ultimate-Fishing want me to design a rod or rods for the UK market!! They actually asked me a year ago, but I though at that time the range of red rods available was more than enough to cover what we need in this country.

But as time goes by is get guys asking me for a longer version of this, a shorter version of that and higher and lower casting ranges etc. So I think there maybe a rod or three needed for certain situations in the UK. Now I realise that without many people having held the full range of Tenryu rods it is hard for guys to comment on what is missing, but if there is anyone out there that seriously has a rod or length or action that they would like to see in production please get in touch with me.

Oh, and then we need to name it!!!