Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bobs 10lb'er on a Patchinko

So as the title says, my mate Bob had his first double figure bass on a surface lure last week. Now Bob has had his fill of double figure bass in his life, and being the humble chap that he is, not many people know that the one he had last week was probably about his 40th double. I think I am right in saying his biggest is well over 14lb.

The day was going well even before the big fish, we both had a few on the surface, I found the Z-Claw was nailing them, but Bob jumped between the Z-Claw and Patchinko. The wind was picking up, then dropping off, making it awkward when setting the boat up for the drift, as we knew where the fish were but the wind seemed to be on the bass's side. Still we continued, and picked a fish out on every drift, which is great.

A nice 5 minutes gave me two bass in two casts.

4lb 3oz

And then one of 4lb 5oz next cast

We had about 9 bass in a frew hours, a nice mornings fishing, or should I say "bumbling".

Then this happened!!! In all the excitement I didnt take any photos, I cant believe I didnt take any, its really bugging me that I didnt and I feel really bad for it. We were so shocked, Bob and I had shaking knees for ten minutes after the bass was returned. We got it on video though, well most of it, the first initial run was about 60ft of high speed Van Staal clutch running like he had hooked a passing waterskier!! So enjoy the video.


  1. 9 bass in few hours, wow!!! what a day!!!.

    Very nice pictures, and what can I say about the video, just gorgeous. Perfect catch and release.

    I enjoy a lot, hope to see more quality stuff around here, because I´m gonna folow this blog.

    Thight line mate!!

  2. Brilliant you can't beat a big take on the patchinko lure the water erupts I have had them smash the middle of the lure from underneath and Kuomintang probably 2 ft out of the water! When a bass hits a patch it well and truly tries to break it in half first ��