Sunday, June 7, 2009

Still quite tough out there!

So I havnt been writing the blog much, but that doesnt mean I havnt been trying to catch fish, its just still quite tough out there. I have had a few bass, last weekend I managed six to 4lb 3oz, but to be honest I was lucky as Bob,Nelson and Neil did struggle to get one or two each.

I managed yet another decent wrasse on an Xlayer Ayu, this one didnt half scrap well as I was in fairly shallow water and had cast up between two heads and I was twitching the Xlayer back along the sand between the heads trying for a bass possibly hiding under the kelp hanging off them.

The Xlayers mounted on Xorus/Decoy heads just work a treat and we have had a few bass on wrasse on them now.

Here is that wrasse, I could catch these hard fighters alldaylong on light gear they are simple amazing fighters and pound for pound there are not many as good a fighters in our waters.

My Super Mix 240 is becoming my favourite rod ever,this little thing is impressing memore and more. Its softer tip just has so much feel in it, I am starting to be able to feel the bottom and tellthe difference between pollack,bass and wrasse that are nibbling at my soft plastics, its amazing how delicate some fish mouth bait and how other dont give you a second thought and just simply smash into your softy.

Here are some other fish that the boys have been getting recently, like I say its been hard but we dont give up easy.

He has well and truely christened his new Megabass rod with some great bass.
And Doug went out with Nelson last week and had some great fun with the wrasse and Doug even managed a cracking bass on a plug,5lb 12oz and that puts Doug in the lead at the moment in the Sinkers boat lure caught bass trophy.


  1. Cracking fishing mick sure it will hot up soon. It's been tough here too, can't find the sea trout seen some bass but no trout?/??

  2. Good photoshop jobby Mick on the Bass ;)lol