Thursday, May 7, 2009

My best Wrasse to date on a softy

Went out again today (you cant knock me for trying) and fished Jerseys south and west coast with my friend Paul Butel. We really did cover some ground and tried many different lures. Well after about 8 hours of plugging and vertical softy jigging we managed a few Pollack, Wrasse and Paul had a cracking Garfish of well over a pound.

So here is my PB Wrasse on a softy, I have had them to over 6lb on bait, but on a Tenryu Super Mix 240, a 50g Xorus Meastro jighead and 8" Madness Mother Worm in 50ft of water, this fish fought like a pitbull terrier all the way to the boat. Awesome.

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  1. bass are hard to find at the minute mick! Nice wrasse though! We where out first thing cian had one bout 4lb and that was it! Im off to wexford this evening nudge nudge wink wink so fingers crossed! Things are moving man ill give ye a ring monday!