Thursday, January 8, 2009

So 22 brave anglers turned up for the January Dogfish bash at St Catherines breakwater. It was so cold but that did'nt sem to put off the boys. We met at half six in the evening and fished 'til ten oclock.

It took about half an hour for the first dog to be landed, by Sam Chapon, on leave from his new army career. See him with it here.

Steve Mullins landed the most dogs, here had six in all, which just shows how cold it was as it is normal to catch about twenty down there if you try for them. Here is a clip of him landing one of them.

Russell Holland and Paul Wheaton caught the two biggest of the night, both exactly two pound.

In all 22 anglers caught 31 Doggies, which is'nt many at all really. There were alot of Pouting down there, everyone was catching them and it was hard to find the Dogs through the Pout. Chris Steel had a beauty of 1lb 6oz and a Pollack of 3lb 2oz on a two hook flapper patternoster at the same time!! 4lb of specimen weight to crank up the wall.

Its looking like we are going to do a Pout rout in the next couple of weeks, lets hope it warms up a bit.

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